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Roger Smith is the CEO of R & I ICT Consulting Services, Amazon #1 selling author on Cybercrime, author of the Digital Security Toolbox and author of the SME Digital Security Framework.   He is a Speaker, Author, Teacher and Educator on cybercrime and how to protect yourself from the digital world. 

Are you concerned that your digital security is ineffective?  Do you have trouble justifying the expense of digital protection?  Do you have nightmares about how secure your organisation is against cybercrime?
Small and medium business and not for profit Organisations are now the primary target of the cybercriminal.  Why? 
It is their attitude.   The attitudes of SME's make them the number one target of the cyber criminal.  
Think about how often you have said "we have nothing worth stealing" about your organisation.   
If these issues are on your mind then you need to get educated....   You can get educated here! 

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Managed Services

Do You Think of Your Technology as Nothing But a Money Pit?   In most cases if you have not got a managed services contract with a reputable outsourcing company then it probably is.

“All I want is technology and IT Support that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.” Sound like something you may have said?

IT Support and IT Management from R & I ICT Consulting Services is the solution you’ve been looking for, with flat-rate services that mean predictable budgeting for your business in Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Yass and Surrounding Areas.

Managed Services for your IT from R & I ICT Consulting Services can help you achieve your goals

Speaking and Education Program

I am not going to baffle you with technology.   What I am going to talk about is awareness.

Cyber Criminals are everywhere.   They are annoying, persistent and clever.   Worst of all they are after your money, your intellectual property and all of the information on your staff and clients.

They will steal everything from you and leave yourself and your business a shadow of its former self.

We all live in the digital world, but only 1 in 10 users have all of the correct protections in place as well as an awareness that the digital world is a bad place and the only way to protect themselves it to have the mantra "Cyber Security is my problem"

Managed Security Services

Effective security can be costly, time consuming and difficult for small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations (SME’s) to implement successfully. This is where a Managed Security Solution (MSS) comes into the picture.

Skilled security people are often difficult to find and cost prohibitive to have on staff. As a result the job often falls on the technologically savvy staff member who is already snowed under with other ICT matters or their own job to implement security systems properly.

An SME has to protect its data. Nearly every day you hear about another security threat spreading across the internet. How vulnerable are you to these threats?