Why cyber criminals target us all after a physical disaster!

The midst of a disaster is not the time to think about cyber protection.  Houston Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean are all reeling from one natural disater or another. The situation of protecting life and property is paramount in a physical disaster.   Your disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan come to the fore. Who do you call?   […]

Hats off to the white hat hackers.

What the wannacry attack has shown is the professional and knowledgeable response from the “white hat hacker” community, the good guys. From the 22 year old who registered the kill switch domain in the first wave to the huge number of people who have worked tirelessly on a solution to the problems that have been […]

Preparation is your best defence against ransomware

Ransomware, what a problem it is! In the last 2 years we have seen it rise from an obscure malware variant to the most successful ever seen. The problem is as long as people think they have nothing worth stealing it will continue to be used. It is going to get worse before it gets […]

Is your small or medium organisation vulnerable to the next wave of cybercrime?

  Understanding cybercrime is not in the purview of most SME’s? We live, work, communicate, play and shop in this arena, but in most cases we know little about the digital world where all that happens. We know that we need computers, phones and tablets to make business easier, faster and more competative. But we […]

Why cybercrime using NFC poses a huge threat to your money

You have probably seen and heard about how I bang on about digital security! How I try to raise awareness of all users and systems on the world of cyber. One of the reasons, like many of us in the penetration testing areas, is that we think outside the box. I see problems and issues […]