Cybersecurity awareness month

October is cybersecurity awareness month and although I try to make everyday awareness day by posting content I will add my 2 cents worth. If you have not noticed, cybercrime is rampant. The working from the home environment has added an additional impact from ransomware, 2x and in some countries 3x. Awareness is key. BUT, […]

Means, motive and opportunity = cybercrime

If you have ever followed one of those crime based TV programs then you are familiar with the trifecta of crime. All good detectives look at these three components when it comes to major crime. To commit a crime, the three components of means, motive and opportunity, are significant but when it comes to digital crime. They […]

We have to get away from the ‘whack a mole” attitude to cybersecurity

Industry and businesses are notoriously bad at doing something about cyber security. It’s not until something happens do we see an investment in a solution. Playing the game! Ever played “Whack a mole”? The little arcade game where you try to bash the little creature (mole) that comes out of predesignate holes with a large […]

How to avoid making these 9 mistakes during a breach!

For any organisation a computer breach or cyber event can cause major problems no matter your size. In today’s business world of digital disruption, the ongoing threat from digital attack is always there. A large proportion of C level Execs, Board members and owner/managers all have the same attitude to a breach.  It won’t happen to […]

This is why you need a friggin backup!

Not just any back, but a comprehensive copy of everything that is important to your business, organisation or yourself in two different locations. In three weeks we have been called into five organisaions to get them up and working after a failure, attack or cyber event. One of them was a client of ours (luckily […]