Data protection and what to do about it

“As a small and medium business and not for profit organisation why is my business data being attacked and what are the attackers after.”   This question has many answers, it could be kids who want to see if they can access your data just for the sheer hell of it or it could be something […]

Security Framework

Working out a security framework and creating a blueprint to protect your business for small and medium business and not for profit organisations is a difficult proposition.    I understand that a business needs this level of protection but the question is what these businesses want.   I would like to ask some questions to make sure […]

Why should an SME be concerned with Information security?

For many small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations (SME) the security of the information, systems and networks may not be a high priority within their business but for their clients, employees and suppliers it is very important. Larger businesses, enterprises and Government Departments all over the world have been actively pursuing information […]