Are you using caution in cyberspace?

Cyberspace is all around us.   It permeates everything that we do in the business and private worlds.   Social media is everywhere, tags, winks and nudges are flowing all over the digital world. M The problem is that although it is there, there are not many of us who give it the true distrust or fear […]

Business interruptions -what is the best way to avoid them?

To a small and medium business and not for profit organisation, (SME / SMB) an interruption to the business at hand can have drastic effects on a number of levels. Interruptions can come in many forms but really there are two basic types.   There are the man-made interruptions and they range from a virus infection […]


In todays connected world the loss of a single system can have catastrophic results for your business so the loss of a server can be even worse. No longer is the requirement for your business to have access to your business data but you need access to that data “NOW”. This puts strain on your […]

Stuxnet and Duqu – the next problem for the world, targeted viruses!

About 18 months ago, a virus was released on the Internet that has had some devastating effects across the whole world.   The effect of the virus was not that it propagated readily, it could transfer from Microsoft computer through USB and network shares like other viruses.   It does unauthorized things to the computer like other […]

Data protection and what to do about it

“As a small and medium business and not for profit organisation why is my business data being attacked and what are the attackers after.”   This question has many answers, it could be kids who want to see if they can access your data just for the sheer hell of it or it could be something […]