The CEO’s Guide to Cyber Security – Episode 2

Podcast Two – PII and awareness

In This Episode:bigstock-Smart-IT-programmer-drawing-in-17899763

In this episode we have a look at the problems that big organisations have protecting my data, why it seems to be so difficult and why education and awareness our one of our first lines of defence against cyber crime.

  • Personal Identifiable Information – why it needs to be secure.   Large organisations and global enterprises seem to have a major problem with protecting other peoples information.  This Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is my information, my email address, my address, my middle name, the digital information that defines us all.   Why does your organisation need to keep other peoples PII?
  • Cyber Security Awareness – When it comes to Cyber Security, the old adage of give a man a fish and teaching him to fish comes to mind.   Technology is just giving us the fish, it solves the short term problems, whereas education and increased awareness is fishing and will protect us through all of those changes that are on the horizon.

Download the podcast Here (Available 01/03/2014)

Show notes

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