Why cyber criminals target us all after a physical disaster!

The midst of a disaster is not the time to think about cyber protection.  Houston Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean are all reeling from one natural disater or another.

The situation of protecting life and property is paramount in a physical disaster.   Your disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan come to the fore.

Who do you call?   Who is safe? Are all staff and family in a safe place?

After the disaster there is still a huge focus on people and places and very little focus on the digital world apart from using it for what it was originally designed for, as an effective communication device.

Calling home, relations and keeping people informed through phone, instant message and social media becomes all encompassing.

In this time of need your defences are down.

In this time you are severely distracted.

If you have friends and relations inside the situation you are also distracted.

The number of cyber attacks after a disaster are disproportional.   There is a huge disconnect in the number compared to everyday times.


The bad guys rely on your distraction.   They rely on your focus being elsewhere.   If they can get away with it they will try anything.

Instead of physically looting the area (you can get shot doing that) they have turned to the digital world.

In the digital world they are effective.

There is also little chance of being shot.

The rewards can be significant.

Scams abound!

Donate to this or help these people out are the legitimate way to help out your fellow humans.   The bad guys see this and add their own to the legitimate internet traffic.

In our distraction there is a good chance that it will get past our defences.  Infections of businesses, compromised smart devices and donations to these Scams can be achieved relatively safely and there is normally a spike after a significant event.

It is our human nature that makes us want to help, just watch out for the inconsiderate and inhuman acts of the bad guys.

They are still out there no matter the situation.

Roger Smith is a highly respected expert in the fields of cybercrime and business security and is a Lecturer at ADFA (UNSW – Australian Centre of Cybersecurity) on Cybercime, Cybersecurity and the hacking techniques used by the digital criminal.   

He is an Amazon #1 selling author on Cybercrime with his best selling book, Cybercrime a clear and present danger, going to number one in 3 sections of Amazon.   

He is the primary presenter for the Business Security Intensive (BSI) and author of the Digital Security Toolbox which is given away for free at the BSI.   He is a speaker, author, teacher and educator on Cybercrime and an expert on how to protect yourself, your staff, your clients and your intellectual property from the digital world.

Roger Smith, is an educator. Teaching students at ADFA (UNSW) and showing them how vulnerable they are to cybercrime.

He is also CEO at R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd, an Amazon #1 author on Cybercrime and founder of the SME Security Framework. He is a Consultant who specialises in inexpensive and highly effective security strategies for small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations.

He has developed and authored the SME Security Framework and the Security Policy Training Course which are considered to be the definitive guides to helping SME's protect their organisation using the principles of Technology, Management, Adaptability and Compliance.