The Digital Security Awareness Seminar

The digital Security Awareness Seminar GraphicToo small to be a target of Cybercrime!

It would be laughable if it wasn’t such a stupid thing to say about your organisation.     (Sorry when it comes to cybercrime I have to be blunt.     Diplomacy and political correctness just doesn’t work.)

Are you saying that your organisation does not have anything of value.    That your organisation is not important.    That the information that you have within the virtual walls of your business does not need to be protected.

Data breaches have become a regular feature of modern life.    Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in the world.    It is not a victimless crime.    Any compromise of an organisation’s digital security can destroy trust, compromise Personal Identity Information (PII), cut profits, dilute intellectual property and stifle investment. It can literally destroy any organisation.

Victimless – I don’t think so!

Data breaches will continue as long as efficiency and ease of data access are more valued than security.

For any organisation, cybercrime is one of the top five business risks that they will face in the next 12 months.    In most cases digital protection lacks funds from the budget, expertise within the organisation and knowledge on how to do it right.

So, as a CEO, owner, manager or board member of an organisation, if you think you are too small to be a target of cybercrime, then not only do you have a problem but your organisation has one as well.    A “Houston we have a problem” type problem.

Cybercriminals are still well ahead of information security professionals, and light years ahead of management and staff of most organisation.    The bad guys are getting better at what they do.   The bad guys are getting faster than ever before.

Cybercriminals are not just the big bad guys.   The hacktivists.   The black Hats.   The dedicated hackers.

The biggest threat to any organisation is the “script kiddies” – the teenagers, the trainees, the wannabe’s.   They use free automated systems, that they download from criminal organisations, to flood the digital world trying to gain access to your information.

They are the vanguard.   They are the scouts.   Like the Vikings they are looking for fertile lands to plunder.   Like a good managed service provider, they are always ON.   24/7/365 testing your security, probing your defences and seeing what you have not protected.

The situation is made worse by cybercriminals having no budget restrictions, time to market requirements nor having to conform to legislation and comply with regulations.   Cybercrime puts an increasing burden and stress on all organisations.

Everyone, every organisation, anything with a digital footprint is a target.

Through all the doom and gloom, there are ways that you can protect your organisation.   Improve your digital security.

Do you know how?

Do you want to know how?

My name is Roger Smith and my book “Cybercrime – a clear and present danger” went to number one in three categories on Amazon.

amazon No1 -1 PNGI have been protecting SME’s for 10 years with my unique combination of technology, management, adaptability and compliance.   This holistic outlook on digital security creates a secure working environment for your organisation.

You are management, C level execs, board members and owners.     You are time poor.   Understanding Digital security is not your job.   Understanding risk is.   The risk of cybercrime is therefore your problem.

That is why I have created this seminar.

The seminar covers the basics and the not so basic.   Looks at the risks.   Gives you options.   Gives you solutions.   Reduces your chance of being compromised.   It is an in-depth look at what every organisation needs in today’s digital world.   It is definitely not a sales fest, I am strictly vendor agnostic.    Firewall, Anti-virus, Operating system or cloud, your choice in vendor, this seminar is what YOU need to ensure a safe digital environment.

4 hours of intensive, focused, practical instruction that is guaranteed to make you think about what level of protection you should have around your organisation.

Come to this seminar and learn the right questions to ask!

Digital Security Seminars are happening here on these dates!

CanberraDateStart timeFinish TimeOther Information
Capital Hill Rydges, Cnr Canberra Ave and National Circuit, Forrest ACT 2603Wednesday 19/11/201407301230Breakfast and Lunch Included.
Free Parking is under the building
Capital Hill Rydges, Cnr Canberra Ave and National Circuit, Forrest ACT 2603Wednesday 17/12/201407301230Breakfast and Lunch Included.
Free Parking is under the building

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SydneyDateStart timeFinish TimeOther Information
Australian Technology Park Sydney
Wednesday 26/11/201407301230Breakfast and Lunch Included
Australian Technology Park SydneyWednesday 10/12/201407301230Breakfast and Lunch Included

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MelbourneDateStart timeFinish TimeOther Information
Ether, 265 Little Bourke Street, MelbourneThursday 27/11/201407301230Breakfast and Lunch Included
Ether, 265 Little Bourke Street, MelbourneThursday11/12/201407301230Breakfast and Lunch Included

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