Expression of Interest in the CEO’s Guide to Cyber Security Course

A good CEO or MD is always looking to mitigate a whole raft of business risks.   That is their job, to look at risks to the organisation and make sure that it is reduced to a manageable level or if possible eliminated totally.   One of the risks that is seldom thought about at this level, but is rising in popularity, is cyber security.      To mitigate the risks of cybercrime and focus on cyber security has to be done at management and board level.   

A cyber-attack can cripple a business, it can take it from a thriving money making enterprise to a smouldering husk in a VERY short space of time.    It can ruin your reputation but more importantly it can reduce you to a pauper in moments.   There are less dramatic ways as well; undermining the trust of your customers through malware on your web site is a start or stealing your ideas and going to market with cheaper and shoddier product.   There are hundreds of others.  

By changing the focus and emphasising, not only on the business requirements but looking at user protection, we can actually change the focus of the cyber crime problem.  

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