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“Cyber space” or the Internet, affects us all.   We all have smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets.   We all work where technology is doing the work to some extent.   We all have some level of cloud storage and we keep most, if not all, of our life on a computer system of some kind.   So in the old adage of keeping all the eggs in one basket, we are pretty close.    You would think that most people would worry about that, they don’t!

There are conflicting and totally different points of view out there in the world concerning cyber crime.  In fact it is polarizing.   There is no middle ground.   One view is that cyber crime and cyber security is an ICT driven problem similar to the Y2K.    Lots of hype and no discernible substance.   Just something for ICT companies and individuals to make more money.   The everyday person and all businesses and governments are the target.

The second point of view, and the one I agree with, is that if we do not resolve the cyber security problem then the Internet will become no more than a broken communication device.   We are already seeing a marked increase in cyber-attacks either through automated systems, social media, cross site scripting and focused hacking attempts.   If you add in the ill-informed, uneducated and unaware users on the Internet then we are definitely heading for the perfect storm, if of course we have not reached that level yet.

How many times have you heard “my computer has a virus infection”, “my computer crashed”, “sorry I cannot take your order because we are having problems with our system” “my phone is doing weird stuff” or a myriad of other reasons why technology has been perceived to have failed and we are waiting for someone or something to fix it.   To say that cyber security is not my problem, it is “X’s” problem, is something that we take for granted.

Changing the business and user culture and making the Internet more secure will be an impossible task but changing people’s perception, this would not be as difficult.   Making users more untrustworthy of the Internet is one of the first steps.

It does make me wonder how stupid we are.   The problem is, it is not stupidity.   This is a fundamental change in human physiology.   The other four senses are no longer used so we have to rely on other factors to increase my level of trust in you and who you are.

The book is going through the final phases of editorial and design, and should be ready shortly.  The book will deliver to management of small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations what it takes to create a secure digital envelope around your business.  It will be available in digital form (PDF, Mobi) as well as printable versions.

If you would like a free copy in electronic format of the book please complete the expression of interest form below.

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