What you learn on the Digital Security Seminar

Adrian TestemonalTechnology is driving our world.   The cyber criminal is way ahead of the security professionals in most cases because they do not have budget restrictions or regulations.

They are getting better at attacking their targets.   They are getting smarter.   They know more about the technologies and systems than the manufactures do.  This is why cybercrime is such a problem in the digital world.   Organisations can no longer keep up with the criminals with the resources and capabilities that they have at the moment.

There is no magic bullet.   There is no single solution to the cybercrime problem.

We need new insight!   We need better understanding of our own systems so that we can protect our intellectual property, money and privacy.

C level Executives, Board Members, Owners and Managers of small and medium business and not for profit organisations need to know what is being done to protect the information that they gather about their clients.   PII (Personal Identification Information) that is used for sales and marketing, Financial information about the organisations fiscal capability, PI (Intellectual property) on how and what your organisation does are all information that the bad guys are after.

There is no such thing as being too small to be a target or we have nothing of value worth stealing. The script kiddies are everywhere, they use free automated systems to target everyone in the digital world, no matter how small you are.

Malware is everywhere.  You can get infected from a popular web site or from an email from a friend.   Malware is not all the same.

  • There is Malware for stealing your information.
  • There is Malware for turning your device into a part of a “botnet”.
  • There is other Malware designed to send out millions of emails from your device.

Not only do they want to steal from you but they also want to use your device for their own means.

In some cases you do not even know you are infected because that piece of software called anti virus may not even know what you have so it can not warn you that you have an infection.

The seminar is designed to give you an understanding of what questions you need to ask to ensure your data is safe.   It is no use asking your in house IT person if the backups are working when they have not been tested in years.   The middle of a disaster is not the right time to find out you have no back up.

So protecting your organisation is no longer a case of putting in an anti virus, adding a second generation firewall, creating a disaster recovery plane or changing passwords.  It is all of them!

There are 4 main areas of digital protection.

  • Technology
  • Management
  • Adaptability and
  • Compliance

These 4 areas work together to create a digital framework around your organisations.   Each time you add a new component to the framework your digital security increases.

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Digital Security Seminar

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