The Cyber Security Mini Guide for legal Practices

We may all look back on the last five years as the only the beginning as the increase in cybercrime became more noticeable. Along with everything else there have been a number of high profile data breaches involving more major corporations and online services. Attacks on Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, the New York Times and Lexis Nexus to name just a hammer

There are millions of other business entities and individuals who experienced breaches this year as well, alone either directly on their own computers and systems or indirectly where there was a data breach involving information about them was stored with a third-party. Everybody needs to take notice of the issue of cybercrime but law practices more importantly.

Legal practices are a very appealing target for Cyber Criminals.
Cyber Criminals target Legal Practices for 3 reasons:

  • They have a large amount of sensitive and confidential information that can be very valuable to the right people.
  • They have large sums of money in their bank accounts and have access to trust accounts with even more. And
  • They have a large amount of anecdotal information that is kept on everything to do with cases

Information on cybercrime tools and techniques are widely available online. This makes it easy for even non-technical people to undertake malicious cyber activity, but make no mistake that while rank amateurs may launch attacks on any legal practice, industrial espionage on high-value targets like legal practices can involve the most skilled hackers in the world including potentially foreign governments.

Cybercrime and cyber security is real and as a legal practice you need to make sure that it is in front of mind with everyone in your organisation.    We encourage all legal practice’s to take protecting their practices from digital attack seriously and take appropriate steps to reduce exposure to all relevant cyber risks.    I hope this mini guide will help you!

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