Not For Profit Cyber Security

You will notice I talk a lot about elephants, mainly the elephant in the room when it comes to cyber security.   Like the proverbial elephant in the room cyber security is one of the topics that get very little focus at management meetings, board meetings and every day discussions concerning the business of a not for profit organisation until something goes wrong, and it will if not managed correctly.

Like the elephant, cyber security consumes a lot of resources, it takes lots of money, manpower and thought to keep it in tip top shape and has a temperamental and hostile side to its domina that can seriously damage your organisation .

So you need a solution.     Like eating an elephant,  cyber security is about doing little things well, taking bite size pieces and combining them together to produce a secure and workable business environment.

Enough of this analogy, cyber security is pretty important for any Not for profit organisation.   The main problem is, not for profit organisations have a single focus, that focus is their cause.   They are not want to spend money on frivolous items, they will “make do” so that they can spend more money or focus more on this goal.

Cyber security is a double edged sword, yes it can cost in both time and resources but if something happens to information or data that is under your control your reputation will be shot and you will not be seem as a secure investment by your investors.

As a Not For Profit Organisation, You need to keep the balance – secure business environment verses costs and resources.     How can you do that?

Let me tell you about the framework that we have created.