About Roger Smith

Hi my name is Roger Smith

I am the Managing Director of R & I ICT Consulting services pty ltd.

Most people will tell you that they are passionate about what they do. When it comes to being passionate about technology and putting other peoples business before their own, being ruled by intense emotion as per the definition of passionate is definately not the way to go.

Being passionate in our space can cause problems, and not just small problems.

At R & I Consulting, we consider ourselves dedicated, enthusiastic, diligent and energetic.

We like being that important wheel in your business. We know that without brilliant technology and above average technological support your organisation will not function at it best.

You’re core business is to make money, increase revenue and develop ideas. we make sure that technology never distracts you from that role.

Our role is to deliver that to your organisation. We have invisible systems in place. Those systems monitor, manage and report on all critical systems within your organisation.

If there is a problem that will impact your core business, we know about it, we fix it and then report it to you. So, yes we have the normal things that most out sourcing and managed providers MSP’s supply. But we have one additional feature.

You will see us. We are Not just a voice on the end of a phone when you have problems. You will see us regularly. Once a week, once a fortnight or once a month we will be at your organisation.

You will see us, your staff can interact with us because we are there to be interacted with. Any little problem, oh you know the ones, can be bought to us and we will fix it. Even if there are no problems, you will see us. But, If you want advice on what technology to deploy, talk to us. If you want to do a digital risk assessment, we will help. If you want a lunch and learn about technology or security, we will come to your office at lunch time and deliver it.

And for this service, unlike other MSP, in our service level agreement there is no additional cost.

So being passionate is no longer the criteria for exceptional service in the MSP space. Being dedicated, enthusiastic, diligent and energetic will always deliver better results.

We deliver those results. Talk to us NOW

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