Apple devices ‘hijacked for ransom’ in Australia

Apple devices ‘hijacked for ransom’ in Australia

“Several users of Apple devices in Australia have reported that their gadgets have been “hijacked” – with a message demanding money.

Experts believed the hack had targeted users by exploiting the Find my iPhone feature.”

So you think Apple products are soo safe and secure that no one will target them.   Think again.    The more people change over from Microsoft products to Apple products the increase in the attack vectors will also increase.   The bad guys are always after the best bang for their buck, so the more users of Apple will increase the attacks.

In most acses the actual target is not the apply system, it is the applications that we use to go about our everyday use of the systems.   The applications are normally the target.  The applets are also prime targets – acrobat, Java and the like.

No Matter what system you are using make sure that updates are applied as soon as possible after they have been released.

Roger Smith, is an educator. Teaching students at ADFA (UNSW) and showing them how vulnerable they are to cybercrime.

He is also CEO at R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd, an Amazon #1 author on Cybercrime and founder of the SME Security Framework. He is a Consultant who specialises in inexpensive and highly effective security strategies for small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations.

He has developed and authored the SME Security Framework and the Security Policy Training Course which are considered to be the definitive guides to helping SME's protect their organisation using the principles of Technology, Management, Adaptability and Compliance.