The CEO’s Guide to Cyber Security – Episode 3

Podcast 3 – All things DR

In this Episode –

bigstock-Pug-in-a-pile-of-data-tape-7002683In this episode we look at all things Disaster recovery and the security of having a good backup system.   What is disaster recovery, why all businesses need a DR plan and how the cloud can help with your DR plan.

  • What is involved in backing up your data, what is the best medium and why you should be using a combination of on line and off line systems to create a secure business environment
  • Data protection is critical to all businesses, it is the main reason that you are in business, it is the intellectual property of the business and on top of all that if the computer systems are not available then you have some serious problems with keeping your staff not only amused but also doing what they are suppose to do.

Download the podcast Here (Available 15/03/2014)

Show Notes:

DR Plan in a Box

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