How to avoid and survive a devastating cyber-attack on your organisation by using the four components of technology, management, adaptability and compliance to create a more secure business.

My name is Roger, and I’m really excited about what I am going to talk about today.   I’m going to show you how to avoid being in a situation like Sony Pictures or Target by improving your digital security.

Every day, some business, organisation or government department in the world has something stolen to a level where they are the lead story on the news.

Hundreds of small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations are compromised every day.

The damage this does to those organisations could be

  • Financial – you lose money or your way of making money
  • Intellectual – you lose your means of beating your competition
  • Reputational – your clients no longer trust you.

If you suffer a breach there is always damage.

Recently I was at a business and one of the users clicked on a advert on their extranet page.   The computer started to slow down and eventually stopped working.

After the computer was repaired I spend the best part of an hour explaining to staff and management – what had happened, why it had happened, what the criminals were trying to gain and why it happened to them.

You see we are all targets of cybercrime, there is no such thing as it will not happen to me, we are too small to be a target or we have nothing to steal.

Cybercrime can happen in the most unexpected places, and with really bad consequences

Conventional ways of business and digital protection are no longer working.

But why is what we do different?

We believe in giving you the tools and resources to improve your own digital security through our seminar and webinar series.

We make digital protection realistic, practical and affordable.

We bring together all the important elements to give you a one-up on the cyber criminals.   A more secure business environment can also make you more competitive in your market space.

We have develop concepts that work for you no matter what size your organisation.   From the smallest SME to the largest organisation.

Did you know that digital security, when done right, can not only improve the security of the organisation but it also creates a more resilient business environment.   Your business is no longer reactive, but proactive.

Our next digital protection seminar –

How to avoid and survive a devastating cyber attack on your organisation by using the four basic components of technology, management, adaptability and compliance to create a more secure business.

Is designed to help you create a more comprehensive and secure business environment, customize to your business needs.   Just watch your business protection improve dramatically

At this point, understanding the risk from cybercrime and putting together a comprehensive strategy for cybersecurity is a problem for most Organisations and this is where this seminar will help.

Check out our testimonials on this page that people just like you have said about the last seminar.   If you’re ready to jump in and create a more secure business environment for your staff, your clients and your systems just click on the links below to book a seat in a city near you.

Just to be clear, there is nothing being sold at this seminar.   There is no bait and switch.  No buy this to be better or any other crap that is normally associated with seminars.   In addition to that we are totally technology agnostic.   The advice we deliver will work no matter what technology your business uses.   That is guaranteed.

This is Roger and I look forward to seeing you at the next seminar in your city.


 With all of this happening will you be able to keep revenue, sales and budget targets intact?

amazon No1 PNGA simple malware infection, today, there is no such thing.    What if there was a definite hacking attempt, a DDOS attack or an anonymous attack on your organisation.

Don’t forget – there is no such thing as being too small to be a target, everyone is a target!!!!   Would you know what to do?   Have you done your risk analysis to protect your organisation

 Have you asked all of the right questions?

Adrian TestemonalThe Digital Security Seminar is all about asking the right questions.   Asking the right questions of your IT staff and / or your IT Support people.  Asking the right questions of your management team.    Those questions are critical to your business, do you know what they are?

If you are a manager, board member, executive or owner of a small or medium business and not for profit organisation then you need to come to the digital security seminar!

Always remember it is not the answers that is important but asking the right question.

 bigstock-Mafia-Boss-in-his-long-coat-D-25171364If you are like me and do not trust the internet, paypal and any other form of digital payment.   Fill in the form below and we will send you a real invoice that you can direct deposit or pay by cheque.  

We will only use this email address to get in contact with you concerning the seminar.

Come to this seminar and learn the right questions to ask!

Digital Security Seminars are happening here on these dates!

CanberraDateStart timeFinish TimeOther Information
Capital Hill Rydges, Cnr Canberra Ave and National Circuit, Forrest ACT 2603Wednesday 25/2/201507301230Breakfast and Lunch Included.
Free Parking is under the building
Capital Hill Rydges, Cnr Canberra Ave and National Circuit, Forrest ACT 2603Wednesday 25/03/201507301230Breakfast and Lunch Included.
Free Parking is under the building

Canberra Registration Page

SydneyDateStart timeFinish TimeOther Information
Australian Technology Park Sydney
Thursday 26/02/201507301230Breakfast and Lunch Included
Australian Technology Park SydneyThursday 26/03/201507301230Breakfast and Lunch Included

Sydney Registration Page

MelbourneDateStart timeFinish TimeOther Information
Ether, 265 Little Bourke Street, MelbourneFriday 20/02/201507301230Breakfast and Lunch Included
Ether, 265 Little Bourke Street, MelbourneFriday 27/3/201507301230Breakfast and Lunch Included

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