How to create complicated passwords

It is the problem with the world at the moment but we need passwords for everything.   So how do you create a complicated password?

Start of with a phrase – “every Saturday I play golf at the club”,

Take the first letters of the phrase  – esipgatc and you now have a starting point that is relatively easy to remember.

We now need to make it more complicated – add in numbers, capitals and punctuation    E$1pgatC!

This is a good start – you now have a complicated password that you can remember with little problems.

But what about multiple sites?

You need to be able to have multiple passwords for sites that are different but are easy to remember.

My suggestion is this.

In your base password add a code.    I am accessing Ingram Micro for instance.   My password for them could be

im-E$1pgatC! Or E$1pgatC!-im.

Or GMail G-E$1pgatC!

You now need to change it regularly so you now add in a number or two.   GMail = G-E$1pgatC!1

You now have a complicated password that you can use to access a number of sites, each one is different, so it cannot be used to access all of your sites, it is easy to remember so that you have a good idea what the password will be for a site.

It cannot be cracked via brute force.

If you are very forgetful you can leave the phrase as a hint and no one will understand.