(Video) Why patching your systems actually builds better cybersecurity

Roger Smith, CEO at R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd, Amazon #1 author on Cybercrime and founder of the SME Security Framework | Speaker | Consultant | Trainer discusses –  Why patching your systems actually Builds better cybersecurity

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Hello my name is Roger and today I’d like to talk to you about why patching your systems actually makes your systems more secure. There are—in today’s business world we are all using technology. Technology is being produced and created by people. People make mistakes.

An exploit on an operating system is someone making a mistake, and a patch is actually someone coming along and telling him he’s made a mistake and allowing him to fix this problem that he created. Patching a system also has a few other things that go with it.

All malware and spyware, viruses, worms, remote access Trojans, are all based on getting into a system through an exploit. If you know what the exploit is and you have been told about the exploit, then if you patch that exploit than those systems that are targeting that will not work. But also patching does a few other things.

It also resolves functionality of a feature problems if they know that a feature that they’ve incorporated into a system is not working to the best way then they will either remove it or they will patch it to make it work properly.

They also sometimes will get patches that will come out that give you access to new and better features within an operating system or application, like you can’t print from there but you can print from here.

Where you can’t do that from there you can do it from here. We have to make sure that patching is becoming a large component of business, to make sure that if you patch something then you are in a better position to be able to protect yourself from a cyber crime.

Thank you very much.

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Roger Smith, is an educator. Teaching students at ADFA (UNSW) and showing them how vulnerable they are to cybercrime.

He is also CEO at R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd, an Amazon #1 author on Cybercrime and founder of the SME Security Framework. He is a Consultant who specialises in inexpensive and highly effective security strategies for small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations.

He has developed and authored the SME Security Framework and the Security Policy Training Course which are considered to be the definitive guides to helping SME's protect their organisation using the principles of Technology, Management, Adaptability and Compliance.